Singularity AI.

World's first AI
exclusively for Brands
and Publishers.

Engineered from the ground up,
leveraging the best of Generative AI.

World's first AI exclusively for Brands and Publishers.

Brand Safety 2.0

Singularity AI takes
Brand Safety to a whole new dimension

A brand new paradigm that is lightyears ahead of current brand safety tools such as keyword selection and blocking, keyword extraction, etc.
Autonomous Brand Management & Advertising Ecosystem
Powered by Singularity AI.
Brand Integrity in its Genetic Code.
Powered by Singularity AI. Brand Integrity written in its genetic code.
For Brands of all sizes, Agencies and Digital Marketers
For Brands of all sizes, Agencies and Digital Marketers

Real Time DeepScan

Singularity scans all your Brand Touchpoints and generates your Brand and Campaign Profiles.
5-core GPU with

Real Time Profiles

Singularity generates individual profiles for every Ad and selects your target audience in a few seconds!

Real Time Relevance Matrices

Singularity generates 'Ad-Content' Relevance Matrices before recommending an Ad to a publisher.

Campaign Optimization

Singularity recommends future campaigns to help you achieve a high ROI in virtually every scenario.

Publisher Content Optimization

Singularity accurately classifies diverse content, leading to greater inclusivity, representation, and advertising opportunities for under-represented voices.

The Real Brand Safety

Brand integrity is a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to ensuring your Brand’s Safety that takes into consideration multiple success factors in Real Time.

Your Brand’s Ultimate Insurance

Nothing about your Brand that existed or exists in Real Time escapes Goku’s Singularity.

No more Multiple Digital Tools and Consultants

Brand Safety, Fraud Prevention, Zero Cookies, User Privacy and Contextual Placements all taken care of autonomously by Singularity AI.

Your Brand. Future Proofed.

We get it, it’s hard to keep abreast of every development in the rapidly evolving Digital Landscape. Singularity AI is trained to learn and evolve so you just focus on your business.

Your Brand. One Number.

Singularity AI autonomously generates BIX, a simple number between 0 and 1 that helps you instantaneously understand your Brand's net position in the marketplace

Real Time Success Evaluator

BIX an excellent metric to determine the Real Time health of a company and understand the hidden dangers lurking in the digital world that may undermine Brand Equity.
Magical Onboarding

Ridiculously Easy

Only One Step

Zero is a good number.

Zero 1st Party Data
Zero Seconds is the time taken to fill profile forms
Zero Brand descriptions to type
Brand Management

Magical Brand Profile

You don't need to tell us anything about your Brand. Singularity AI autonomously generates a Brand Profile

Blazing fast

Just One Second for your Brand Profile

Brand Opinion Index

A precise understanding of your Brand’s connectedness to its customers

Singularity Brand Management Matrix

Strategize and streamline upcoming campaigns as well as your Brand Assets with precision, based on your Campaign Feedback Matrices
Brand Advertising

Effortless Campaign Creation

All you need to do is name your campaign and dump all your Brand and Campaign assets, of any type, into Goku's blender.

Fastest Campaign Creation

In 7 seconds, Singularity will respond to you with its autonomous Ad Profiling, Target Audience, Emotional Quotients and host of other metrics.

Autonomous Ad Profiling

You will never have to enter keywords, write descriptions, select your demographic, etc. Singularity autonomously generates a robust Ad Profile to achieve maximum contextual relevance.

Smart Campaigns

Get real-time transparent forecasts on viral news, trends, and sudden fluctuations in BIX. Get suggestions for new brand campaigns and update old ones.

Zero cookies

Cookie less, highly contextual Ad recommendations to your users by Singularity’s proprietary algorithms

Brand Emotional Quotient

Singularity generates a precise Brand Emotional Quotient in Real Time through a cutting-edge, proprietary process. Brands can finally achieve unprecedented levels of emotional engagement between their assets and target audiences.

Singularity Real Time Transparency Metrics

For Campaigns and Individual Advertisements, Singularity autonomously identifies and flags fraudulent Publisher Inventories and even tells you precisely how your Ad is being recommended to your users through Singularity’s Transparency Matrix.